Paul L. Wilson

PluralSight SEO Course – Link Change

Thanks for checking out my SEO course on PluralSight. If you’re visiting this page than you found a link in my course that no longer exists. So far I’ve identified seven links as of the writing of this post. Below is a list of websites that work in replacing these dead links. If you find any others or have any questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.



URL SHORTER LINK DEAD LINK NEW LINK DESCRIPTION There are so many domain name generators, but Lean Domain Search is my favorite these days. I’ve found solid domains using this tool. To be candid, I haven’t found a strong replacement for Delicious. Delicious was to help the search bots to find your content via a powerful and authoritative link. As far as I know there isn’t a bookmarking service that fills this void, but nonetheless, bookmarking your content is still a safe practice if you only do one or two bookmarks. DocStoc DocStoc was where you could upload your documents for other people/bots to find. It provided a low value, but safe, backlink. This was a great place to take your content and repurpose it to be found and shared. I use Issuu and Scribd for this purpose now. MemoWare MemoWare was used to submit PDF content to. It started in 1996 and Google loved it. You can find plenty of pdf submissions sites, but good luck getting one as old as MemoWare was. If you have strong content than I suggest They are one of the rare ebook sites that actually manually reviews everything submitted. It takes time to be accepted, but it’s worth it. Oneload SEnuke .com or Oneload was a tool that helped distribute your video content easily and quickly. Both SEnuke and Syvid provide similar services. SEnuke has been around the SEO world forever and has more options, but if you’re just looking to just upload your video content to multiple platforms checkout Syvid, it’s $20 cheaper. Blackberry This link was for submitting your podcast to Blackberry’s podcasting platform. It has since been discontinued and there is no replacement. Amigo Fish PodcastInsights Article Amigo Fish was a podcast submission website. In it’s replacement I offer a great article by Podcast Insights that lists out the top sites to submit your podcast to.