Paul L. Wilson

How A University Student Can Make Money Right Now

I was asked to speak at our Entrepreneurship Lecture Series. I’ve had the opportunity to see many of these both as a student and a teacher. I spent considerable time drifting through the Internet trying to think of a topic that would be the most valuable to a university student.

One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I am a tactician. I don’t like frilly, motivational speeches. I want something actionable, something I can do today. I wanted my presentation to truly help students achieve what they wanted in life.

As I married my actionable personality, with the question of, “What do students want most?” I realized that truly the best topic I could discuss is how to make real money TODAY! So, below that’s the presentation I put together.

The funny thing, is that I ditched what I prepared and instead did something off the cuff. Looking in hindsight, I should have stuck to the script. Well at least, I have presentation I can use for a future event :). Hope you enjoy!