Paul L. Wilson


About Me - Why should you even care?

There is a common misconception about an “About” page. It’s the belief that the page should be about, well, the person or company who owns the web page. Actually, the About page should be about the visitor coming to the page — YOU.

When creating my About page, I asked myself about why you came to this obscure corner of the Internet. Out of the hundreds of millions of websites you could visit, why this site? This line of reasoning made me ponder deeper about your motives. So, I jot down some possible questions that I wanted answers to. Questions, such as:

  • What do you want to know about me?
  • Why are you even interested in knowing something about me?
  • Did you stumble upon this page while trying to avoid doing actual work, or are you here to learn about the business propaganda I teach my university students?
  • Are you looking to hire me for my skills in international espionage, or do you value my digital marketing capabilities more?
  • Is it my ability to speak fluent geek that’s got you curious, or are you more interested in my academic research (which I guess is the same thing)?
I may never know the answers to these questions, and I’m pretty sure there are other reasons why you’re here. However, it was this line of questioning that helped me classify you into three possible user personas who might want to know more about me: 
  1. My university students studying entrepreneurship
  2. People who need help with digital marketing
  3. Those who are interested about my research
Each group has different needs, so if you belong in one of these categories I’ll try my best to give you what you’re looking for.


Persona #1: Erin The  Entrepreneurship Student

Hello, Erin! If you’re here, you probably want to learn more about me and how my experiences can benefit you. However, more than likely, the burning question on your mind is what type of teacher I am. 

entr student persona e1709045817140

The best way to answer your burning question is by sharing my teaching philosophy with you. This philosophy is something I’ve developed over the 9 years I’ve been a professor, and it deeply reflects my beliefs. By understanding my teaching philosophy, you’ll gain insight into what I value in your learning experience. 

  • Everyone is a learner and a teacher.
  • We teach by inspiring, and by inspiring, we build (1) interest, (2) excitement, and (3) growth.
  • We learn by doing, and by doing, we build (1) confidence, (2) ownership, and (3) mastery.

All my courses are grounded in the fundamental belief of empowering you as a learner and as a teacher.

If the only thing you take away from class is a grade, then I have failed you. The true value of an education lies in its ability to transform your knowledge into purposeful actions and meaningful outcomes.

If you’re interested in whether I’m qualified to teach entrepreneurship, here’s a snapshot: in addition to my academic qualifications, I bring 25 years of experience as a digital entrepreneur.

Currently, I run a consulting and application development agency specializing in digital marketing, web, and mobile apps. With expertise spanning web development (25 years), mobile apps (18 years), and Artificial Intelligence (9 years), my courses offer a digital-first perspective, reflecting my passionate belief in the game-changing potential of digital solutions and their ability to be easily deployed for beginner entrepreneurs.

I have earned millions, and I have lost millions of dollars doing business. Through it all, I’ve gained a healthy respect and profound insights into the journey of the entrepreneur. 

If you take any of the courses, you’ll hear me say multiple phrases over and over throughout the semester. One of which is “Collectively, we know more than we do individually.” Another one, “Collect advice, don’t take advice.”

I am not the guru at the top of the mountain giving sage advice. Instead, I am learning with you, and together, we are climbing the mountain of deep learning together. It is learning side-by-side that we develop knowledge we could not gain if I just “taught” you.  

I hope this quick introduction provides sufficient information to help you decide if I’m the right teacher for you. If so, I’d love to have you in one of my classes

Here are a few other excellent business professors you should consider:

Persona #2: Corey the Client

Welcome, Corey! My assumption is that you’re looking for assistance on your company’s digital marketing strategy. I’m also assuming you’re wondering if you can entrust me with such an important undertaking.
The answer to that last assumption is an emphatic no! In fact, I won’t let you hire me to do anything of that nature.
corey client e1709047924494
What I can do for you is provide the necessary tools and strategies to empower you and your team to be self-sufficient in your digital marketing needs.
As with my university students, I don’t believe success comes by growing on your own. I work closely with my clients to provide a tailored plan of action and have them walk the pathway of executing the strategies we designed. I am still by your side as you sojourn your digital marketing adventure, but I am more of an observer, only helping as needed. 
One important thing you should understand about me: I’m a lazy digital strategist. I don’t want to do complex plans that take a long time to see an ROI. I want to have quick wins, easy solutions,  and painless implementations.
Experience has shown me that elaborate strategies strain resources, requiring unbudgeted financial investments or specialized expertise. Often, the path of least resistance is the road less traveled, but it usually leads to the desired success.
If we agree on these principles, we’ll get along great.
Here are the areas my team and I specialize in:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • The User Experience (UX)
  • Application Development (not currently taking on development clients)
For further information, feel free to contact me.

Persona #3: Arnold the Academic Scholar

Greetings, Arnold. I suspect that you may be one of only a few who have come to my website to learn about my research endeavors.

arnold e1709049476323

Though I find my entrepreneurship research fascinating, it is not my focus. I spend most of my time and energy teaching, mentoring, and consulting. I became a professor so that I could spend as much time in the classroom as possible, and my efforts in research reflect that desire.  

I spend my limited research time focusing on the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship learning and digital business, driven by innovation and psychological insights, emphasizing the need for adaptability and creative approaches to meet the challenges of our modern world.

Here are my published and under-review journal articles:

Lately, I’ve been shifting my research interest toward the role of digital entrepreneurship in emerging markets of developing countries. In particular, I am interested in solutions that can enhance the capability and performance of entrepreneurs globally.

I completed a field study in the Republic of Congo and in Ghana on how digital entrepreneurship influences underserved entrepreneurs. My aim in these efforts will hopefully assist entrepreneurs in developing areas to improve their life circumstances and provide economic growth to their communities.
Just About Me 
paul01While my passion for the digital business world is undeniable, it exists within a larger universe shaped by my faith and family. These core values give a wider meaning to my work, showing me there’s a whole world out there beyond the screen, full of experiences, challenges, and happiness.
The digital landscape, rich with endless possibilities and rapid advancements, can make it all too easy to lose sight of what’s truly important. By anchoring my life in God and the love of my family, I’ve discovered a sense of beauty and clarity.
This divine grounding guides my professional choices and illuminates what matters most to me in life. It’s in this balance between my career and personal values that I find the greatest fulfillment, making sure my voyage through the digital world is always navigated by a deeper purpose and connection to those I hold dear.
 Some Fun Facts 
  • I have had dinner with a prophet of God
  • I have lived in 8 different states
  • I have 8 amazing little kids (aka Munkas)
  • My lucky number is 88
  • I live in Hawaii, but I’m not a huge fan of the beach 
  • I could spend every possible moment with my wife (she’s that fun)
  • I enjoy playing board games and writing children’s books with my wife and Munkas
  • My favorite foods are tacos and sushi
  • If you’re a current student of mine and are reading this, you get extra credit :). Contact me to find out how much.