Paul L. Wilson


My Passions & Personality

A few fun facts about myself: I have lived in 8 different states; I have six amazing little kids (aka Munkas); my lucky number is 88; I live in Hawaii but I’m not a huge fan of the beach; I could spend every possible moment with my wife (she’s that fun); I enjoy playing board games and writing children books with my Munkas; my favorite foods are tacos and sushi.


I created this site because I needed a home base for all the things that I’ve done, am doing, and want to do. My collegiate teaching is the main theme but you’ll also find my many other loves hanging out here.
Though I’m passionate about the digital world, my faith and family is the universe you’ll find this world in. There is so much out there and it’s easy to get lost in it all. By grounding myself to God and my loved ones, I’ve found beauty and clarity on what truly matters to me in this life.


For the last 20 years I have been a marketing technologist, specializing in search, content strategy, and dev management. I’ve earned my Master’s of Science from Carnegie Mellon University in Information Technology – eBusiness.
I’ve managed digital projects for hundreds of small businesses, and I have held senior marketing positions for large corporations. In August of 2017, I joined BYU – Hawaii as a full time faculty member in entrepreneurship. In this role, I utilize my industry experience in helping students explore the vast potential of earning a living on the Internet.


My academic research focuses on the role of digital entrepreneurship in emerging markets of developing countries. In particular, I am interested in solutions that can enhance the capability and performance of entrepreneurs globally.

I completed a field study in the Republic of Congo (2017) and in Ghana (2019) on how digital entrepreneurship influences underserved entrepreneurs. Moving forward, I am studying the impact of entrepreneurship solutions ranging from zero budget business models to the monetary impact of artificial influence in online entrepreneurship.
My aim in these efforts will (hopefully) assist entrepreneurs in both impoverished and affluent areas in improving their life’s circumstances and provide economic growth to their communities.